Tim Cole is an artist with a vision for Sydney… “to celebrate our colourful heritage where it all began, by transforming the Cahill Expressway and Circular Quay railway infra-structure.”

Tim has held two photographic exhibitions about Sydney, ‘We Built This City’ in 2000 for City of Sydney and ‘To the Quay with LOVE’ for 2013 NSW History Week. Both collections are now in the Archives of the City of Sydney. Early in his career Tim photographed for 7 years at ACP magazines including the Australian Woman’s Weekly and The Bulletin. ‘I was fortunate to explore our diverse city as a young man, photographing our people, society and culture.’ This was followed by 7 years freelancing, working for GreenPeace Pacific and numerous weddings around NSW.

Over the last 20 years Tim has worked making public mosaics in Sydney. Using a ceramic palette, Tim has facilitated communities, schools and interested groups to create beautiful lasting murals that enliven spaces with themes including reconciliation and nature.

Tim is fascinated by Australian culture and history. ‘Listening to others viewpoints and perspectives are important. Our nation will prosper when both cultures are in harmony.”

SydneyWay is Tim Cole‘s plan to build a garden gateway and Reconciliation Bridge for our kids at Circular Quay. ‘by enhancing our buildings, streets and walls, we can improve this cities cultural canvas and share the unique Sydney story…”



Peter’s experience in the world of tensile architecture makes him an important member of the SydneyWay team. He has been at the forefront of the industry and played key roles in many of the major projects in the region. Peter is passionate about all areas of tensile architecture, in particular green facades. He has been a pioneer of the green facade industry since 2005 with a proven track record of delivering projects that integrate both the living and structural systems of green facades. With a background in architecture Peter has broadened his areas of expertise to encompass structural engineering, horticulture, public lighting and project management. With these skills he is able to provide Tensile’s clients with a level of knowledge and service second to none.

Tensile Design & Construct was established in 2010 with the vision to offer a full service to clients from initial design concepts through to installation, today Tensile is at the forefront of the tensile architectural industry. They are specialist suppliers and installers of tensile architectural solutions, tailoring solutions to individual needs.

Tensile uses the best products sourced from around the globe to provide our clients with the right tensile member for their project. From structural cables and rods to tensioned mesh we have the fittings and the knowledge on their specification, application and installation.

Our team is highly experienced in tensile systems and have worked on some of the most intriguing examples of tensile architecture in the world.


Tensile Design & Construct was selected to design, construct and install the green façade system at the landmark project ‘1 Central Park’ in Sydney.

Designed by French architect, Jean Nouvel, the 33 and 16 storey buildings have been enveloped by over 15,000m of cable and rod to support the growth of specially selected vines and climbing plants. Completed in 2014 the project is the tallest green facade in the world and the largest green facade in Australia, total area in excess of 1800m².

Tensile Design & Construct’s selection was based upon an innovative approach that integrated the cable system with the planter beds, whilst being extremely mindful of the construction process and critical path of high-rise construction.

During the design phase Tensile were able to conduct wind tunnel studies into the behaviour of climbing plants on cables at height studying the effects of large wind events and accurately quantifying drag effects on the building and cables caused by the plants. This information is a first of its kind in the world and enable Tensile to optimise our systems.

Tensile’s ‘solution-over-products’ philosophy ensures that our clients have the best system that suits their needs. Our team values measurable results and we look forward to seeing No.1 Central Park becoming a landmark building not only in Sydney, but around the world.



David Jack commenced mural work at artist Harold Freedman’s studio in 1973, where he was one of Harold’s assistants at the then Victoria State Studio for over 13 years working on most of Harold’s most notable murals. Gaining invaluable experience in areas such as researching, concept development, mural painting and mosaic creating methods on a huge scale.

David is a graduate from Monash University (Caulfield) in Art and Design (graphics) 1975. At the same time David was developing his own painting, exhibiting in Melbourne and winning some awards. In 1980 David was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study murals, ancient and contemporary in Europe, Mexico and USA. He has also been commissioned to create various slab-glass windows and maintains a photographic practice.

In 1989 David Jack and Joe Attard founded the Melbourne Mural Studio to undertake public art commissions. Since then MMS has become renowned Australia-wide for their many public art projects in mosaic, paint and glass. Currently David operates MMS with his wife Carol.


Represents a fresh departure in the world of mural art, it is on the cutting edge of mosaic art! Works are initiated with imagination and vision, while always respecting the past traditions. The results are artworks that bring an inspiring yet human dimension to any environment.

MMS is committed to transforming with skill and integrity the ideas and aspirations of its clients with clear understanding, together with the ability to visualise each project into reality.

MMS can offer a complete design service from concept to creating the artwork to overseeing or undertaking the installation. In doing this we ensure an overall harmonizing of artwork & architecture – whether a painted mural or mosaic artwork.