SydneyWay is the Plan to beautify Circular Quay, transforming the rail/ expressway infrastructure into a Beautiful Garden Gateway to NSW and National Reconciliation Bridge 

Transport for NSW have launched Renew Circular Quay. This includes upgrading the ferry wharves and improving the Quay’s cultural and placemaking themes. SydneyWay is an exciting plan to celebrate our nations stories at the place where modern Australia began.

Utilising the 18 ground level granite columns that support the Circular Quay railway, SydneyWay will create and install interchangeable, mosaics and multi-media themed art, around the column facades facing underneath the railway, telling stories about indigenous and modern Australian heritage.

Native gardens will transform the exterior facing column facades, vertical uprights and railway/expressway girders into a beautiful Garden Gateway.

Uninterrupted pedestrian access, seating, sculptural feature pieces, lighting and onsite energy systems will create a comfortable, safe, light and sustainable atmosphere.

Guided tours and SydneyWay walkabout Apps will assist informing and entertaining our visitors. Educational tours will be available for school groups, teaching a range of perspectives on historical and cultural themes, using state of the art technologies.

Premier Joseph Cahill challenged NSW …
“If we in our lifetime did nothing more than express our love of the arts by providing a building worthy of them, even when names are forgotten, the building will always remain as a testimony to what was done in the year 1954 by a group of citizens for the encouragement of talent and culture.” His idea translated into the Opera House, one of the most beautiful and famous buildings on the planet.

SydneyWay is our generations opportunity to create something meaningful at Circular Quay.  

The Sydney Opera House Trust was established to manage the day to day business of running a working arts centre and an international tourist venue. SydneyWay will use the same structure, a legislated Trust, to insure the people of NSW have a high quality, well run, publicly owned icon at the Quay.

The SydneyWay realises DR JJC Bradfield’s 1923 vision for Circular Quay.
‘The perfect blending of the utility of material things with the beauty of spiritual things’.

Sitting between the Opera House and Harbour bridge the SydneyWay is assured of an audience, strengthen Sydney’s role as Australia’s premier tourist destination.

This is an exciting project to power the NSW cultural economy.
A wonderful place for all Australians and our visitors.
The perfect solution to renew Circular Quay….
It’s the SydneyWay!

Bradfield Quote: Rail Heritage Report. 1995. Jack Meyer.
Main Picture: Public Art Squad/ Melbourne Mural Studio.
Ferry wharfe concept: Woods Bagot (seeking permission)
Indigenous mosaic: Parramatta City Motel
Floor designs: SydneyWay
Vertical Garden Image: Jeff Batten @onepairofshoes